Location: Hawaii, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

Boutique wellness? Life transforming experiences? All the surf and yoga you can handle? Check “yes!”

SwellWomen encourages women (and men) to follow their bliss with intentionally designed, deeply expansive and culturally immersive surf/yoga retreats. Step out of your routine and into a community of empowerment and support. Play in the ocean and let it erase your ego and unleash your spirit. Explore surfing’s birthplace in Hawaii, greet the rolling waves in Nicaragua, find freedom in El Salvador, savor mother nature in Costa Rica, meditate in Sri Lanka or get bendy in Indonesian paradise ~ and we’re constantly introducing new, exotic destinations! With every detail taken care of, it’s no wonder that SwellWomen guests return year after year.

If you are looking for one of the most blissful and unforgettable vacations of your life, then it’s time you experienced SwellWomen. Looking for a co-ed experience? Check out SwellRetreats.com