“Are there waves in the UK?” Concha co-founder of Seasoul Shelter and personal surf coach stopped counting how often she got ask that question. Of course there are and its good!

This wave-rich region is Cornwall. A rather stunning, beautiful and friendly little part of England far down on the south west tip of the country. There’s great surf, combined with mystic countryside, hidden castles and mines, moors and hills and lovely little villages. The slow pace of life and the friendly locals make Cornwall a great and unique place to be.

For those who are willing to venture and look into all the beautiful nooks and crannys there are many excellent surf spots hidden behind the many hight hedges and cliffs. The drive along the coast is spectacular, which will quickly let you forget the endless long and slow winy roads taking you from village to village to find surf. Just make sure you bring time when setting out for the journey, there are many intersections with nameless access…

Once you set out for your surf mission in Cornwall you have the option of all sorts of beaches facing various directions, which makes the whole search interesting. It definitely is wise to check the wind and swell direction first before deciding weather to head north, south or west. Knowing the area or a local can also be very handy.

Nevertheless heading out into the lineup you will find yourself in the middle of the nicest surf crowed you have ever met. A friendly nod or loud hello from the locals show no sign of ‘to cool for school’, no hipster faz or angriness. You will surf with young and old and most important with a smile.

If you have not set plan on a surf destination this year, then come and join the Seasoul Shelter team Killa Schuetze and Concha Rössler for a week of surf guiding and coaching on the rugged and picturesque south west coast of Cornwall.

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Surf Retreat Dates: 28th of April – 5th of May
Come along and discover empty surf breaks, stunning beaches and the cornish culture. Surf, laugh eat and repeat! Depending on your level we will support you to reach your individual surf improvement. Green wave transition, longboarding tips, beginners or just get some feedback on your surf skills and have some fun.
Additionally we will visit the legendary indoor Mount Hawke Skatepark, Ben Skinner’s surf factory (European Longboard Champion), practice yoga and get an insight and dive into the cornish culture.

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