To kick off 2022 we’re looking back at the top viewed Instagram videos on SurfGirl in 2021. Surfing hard, skating hard, dolphins and just a whole lot of stoke. Here’s our top 8 viewed videos from last year:

8. World Champion Skimboarder Amber Torrealba showing us how it’s done.

7. Longboarding queen Honolua Blomfield stylin’ at the Ranch.

6. OMG to this Indoboard challenge!

5. Featuring our favourite sea friends in Yallingup, Western Australia, this is totally mesmerising

4. It’s shot in Hawaii, the water is incredibly clear, the surfing is picturesque … what more could you want.

3. These cute little surf buddies got a lot of love in this one.

2. Alina Shalin enjoying those Portuguese concrete waves.

1. ‘If Monday was a wave’ … watch someone different every time and it’s the video that keeps on giving!

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