– 1. Blue Planet Top TV Show –

On the topic of going plastic free, we have to mention the world-famous BBC Documentary series The Blue Planet. During the last episode of the series, David Attenborough issues a warning to viewers, detailing how overfishing, plastic pollution, and climate change are all damaging ocean habitats. With 13.1m viewers, this series has hopefully made a positive impact on plastic choices.
Here David Attenborough gives his closing statement for the Blue Planet II series and the future of the planet. The team also reflect on a life filming below the waves.

– 2. Rise of the Super Grom –

2017 seemed to be year of the super grom with talented surfers popping up all over the place. Making the headlines, featuring on big TV talk shows and in magazines.
We dedicated a large section of these talented surfer girls in issue 58.
Check out 10 year old Sierra Kerr’s moves.

– 3. Microbeads being banned in the UK –

The UK Government to outlaw microplastics in cosmetic products. Any kind of ‘rinse-off’ personal care and cosmetic products are affected. The proposal came after increasing evidence that tiny plastic particles are damaging marine life and could even pose a serious risk to human health.

– 4. Paige Alms Claims Second-Straight Pe’ahi Win –

With a WSL Women’s Big Wave Tour in full swing, it was awesome to see Paige Alms take her second victory at the Pe’ahi Challenge. Events such as these are helping put women’s big wave surfing on the map and we cannot wait to see what 2018 holds for the big wave tour.

– 5. The Surf Ranch –

Well, Kelly only went and opened the most insane wave pool the world has ever seen! With the WSL running a test event at the site this year we are sure there are big plans in the pipeline for more events at this location.

– 6. Save The Waves –

Save The Waves, Fundación Punta de Lobos and Patagonia officially dedicated as Punta de Lobos, Chile a World Surfing Reserve, announcing the next and 10th World Surfing Reserve at Noosa, Australia. With the help of Patagonia, the Marisla Foundation, Packard Foundation, Waitt Foundation and over 900 small donors, Save The Waves and partners were able to raise over $750,000 toward the purchase of the property.

– 7. UN signals ‘end’ of throwaway plastic –

The end of the era of throwaway plastic has been signalled by UN environment ministers meeting in Kenya. They signed off a document stating that the flow of plastic into the ocean must be stopped. Which is amazing news and about time to we think!
Here’s City to Sea’s ‘Plastic Free Periods’ video, well worth a watch.