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If you’re in need of a dose of sunshine and warm waters,

then a tropical trip is just what the doctor ordered. There are tonnes of exotic and far-flung corners of the world waiting for you, so why not escape, hit the surf and feel the stoke of meeting like-minded people in a beautiful setting? To help you plan, we have rounded up the best surf camps in an array of global destinations from Central America and Indo to Oceania and Europe. If you are ready to get away then read on…

What’s in store?

If you’re learning from scratch, a surf lesson or camp can give you the foundation skills and basics to get to grips with this thrilling sport. Although learning can be tricky, it’s all about getting out there, persevering and having fun – and surf camps offer the instruction and support to get you on your way. After a week you’ll be hooked and ready to book your next trip.

If you’ve already got the basics of surfing under your belt, then intermediate or even expert surfers can take advantage of local guides and transport to help you seek out the hidden surf spots, and improve stance and technique with surf instructors on hand to get you to the next level. They are plenty of global options for all types of travellers, budgets and surf abilities; so if a full surf camp doesn’t float your boat, then why not book into a room at a dreamy hotel, or get a private villa with friends and explore the breaks on your own?

Whichever option works for you, once you’re surfed out, all offer plenty of bucket list activities to get stuck into, from yoga and boat trips to cultural excursions, BBQs, jungle hikes, horseback riding and much more. Total paradise!

Hotel Alma Azul


hotel azma azul surf

Surf sistas costa rica

Surf sistas Bali and Nusa

surf diva costa rica

solid surf & adventure

solid surf nicaragua

pointe break retreats

pointe break retreats costa rica mexico portugal

pointe break retreats

pointe break retreats costa rica mexico portugal

pointe break retreats

pointe break retreats costa rica mexico portugal

london girls surf club


london girls surf club


kumara luxury villa


kumara luxury villa sri lanka

in surf

in surf bali

hashpoint surf camp

hashpoint surf camp morocco

breach break

beach break surf camp panama

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Surf Sistas | Bali & Nusa Lembongnan

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