SurfGirl Recommends | June

Our top 5 surf & picnic spots partnered with SurfGirl’s favourite brands that add extra sparkle and chill to your ocean-side adventures. 

We’ve cruised into June on a wave of sunshine and gentle swells. The light and long evenings after work give us more magic moments to get in the water and enjoy being out in nature.

This month, we’ve rounded up the Top 5 Surf & Picnic Spots in Cornwall and included our top picks from our favourite brands to add that extra sparkle and chill to your ocean-side adventures.

5 Surf & Picnic Spots in Cornwall


1. Constantine Bay

Surfing: Known for its consistent waves and excellent surf conditions, Constantine Bay is popular among surfers of all levels. The beach features powerful waves that make it ideal for experienced surfers. It also has a surf school and rental facilities nearby for those new to surfing.

Picnicking: The wide expanse of golden sand provides ample space for picnicking, and the surrounding dunes offer sheltered spots with scenic views. Beacause of it’s size, the beach is relatively uncrowded, allowing for a more relaxed picnic experience.


2. Little Fistral

Surfing: Located just north of Fistral Beach, Little Fistral works on the same surf conditions but with fewer crowds than it’s busier neighbour. It’s known for its powerful waves and the challenging conditions are best suited for more experienced surfers.

Picnicking: The smaller, more intimate setting of Little Fistral makes it perfect for a picnic. The rocky headland surrounding the beach provide amazing views across Newquay Bay to the distant Trevose Headland, and you can enjoy watching surfers tackling the waves while you eat.


3. Porthtowan

Surfing: Porthtowan is renowned for its consistent and powerful surf, making it a favourite among local and visiting surfers. The beach has a surf school and lifeguard presence, making it safer for those new to the sport.

Picnicking: With beautiful surrounding scenery, the extensive sandy beach and grassy dunes is a great location for picnics. The beach has good amenities with a couple of lovely pubs, plus the iconic Tris surf shop.


4. Sennen

Surfing: Sennen Cove boasts some of the best surf in Cornwall, with reliable waves and a variety of breaks suitable for all levels. The beach hosts surf schools and rental shops, and the clear, blue waters make it a picturesque spot for surfing.

Picnicking: The large, sandy beach provides plenty of space for picnicking, and the surrounding cliffs offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are also facilities nearby, including cafes and shops, adding convenience to your picnic outing.


5. Crackington Haven

Surfing: Although not as well-known as some other beaches, Crackington Haven offers good surf conditions. However the beach is more suited to intermediate and advanced surfers due to the rocky shoreline and powerful waves.

Picnicking: The dramatic cliffs and rocky backdrop make Crackington Haven a picturesque spot for a picnic. The beach is less crowded, offering a peaceful setting to enjoy your picnic. There are also facilities like a small cafe and toilets nearby.

The Perfect Picnic Pieces:

Picnic & Beach Compact Blanket, VOITED

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Beautiful design bringing the sunshine vibes! Versatile, stows into its own pocket with carry handle.


Why SurfGirl recommends?
Waterproof bag in a durable material with multiple ways to carry the bag. The ultimate beach cred.

Style it out:

Hibiscus – Womens Shortie Wetsuit, Saltrock

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Perfect for warmer days, super comfortable and a cute design.

Day Tripper Shorts, Billabong

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Relaxed and comfortable fit with elastic waistband for those extra picnic snacks! Dress these up or down.

Better Days T-Shirt, SurfGirl

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Organic cotton, oversized boxy boyfriend fit, and we’re biased because we designed it 😉

Cherish Summer Straw Cowboy Hat, Roxy

Why SurfGirl recommends?
On trend, wide-brimmed and picnic perfect.

Water Vista Sandals, Reef

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Water friendly, quick drying with a super squishy sole in case you get caught clambering over rocks.

Jute Tote Bag, Rip Curl

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Generous in size, eco-friendly and strong enough to take on a post surf picnic.

Post-surf Summer Scents:

Hydrating Body Lotion, Pirette

Why SurfGirl recommends?
Non-toxic and cruelty free, smells like summer and will quench salty skin.

Refillable Antiperspirant, Make Waves

Why SurfGirl recommends?
These guys really are making waves! A functional refill with natural ingredients for the perfect après surf refresh.