SurfGirl Recommends | July

Our top 5 underrated Cornish beaches and our top rated brands and products for enjoying an epic day at the beach. Beaming sunshine, glittery waters and soft sand are here to stay. Read on to sprinkle some shells and sparkle to your summer of sunshine, surf, skating and slow days by the sea.

Cornwall is renowned for its stunning coastline and fantastic surf spots, however the downside is the main beaches are crowded in summer. So we recommend detouring away from the main beaches to ones which offer a more secluded experience, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the coast in a more peaceful environment.

Top 5 Underrated Cornish Surf Spots


1. Gwenver Beach

Location: Near Sennen Cove

Features: Just around the corner from the more famous Sennen Cove, Gwenver Beach is a hidden gem. It’s a beautiful unspoilt beach and is accessible by a very steep path, which keeps the crowds away.

Surfing Conditions: Gwenver offers consistent waves and is suitable for various surfing levels. It picks up more swell than Sennen, making it an excellent spot for more experienced surfers looking for powerful waves.


2. Holywell Bay

Location: Near Newquay

Features: A wide sandy beach backed by towering grassy dunes and surrounded by rugged headlands, the beach is known for it’s iconic Gull Rock, Holywell Bay is a less crowded alternative to the bustling Newquay beaches to the north.

Surfing Conditions: The beach offers consistent waves and is suitable for surfers of all levels. It’s a bit of a walk to the surf but worth it! It works well with a southwesterly swell and can be a great spot for both longboarders and shortboarders.


3. Porthcothan Bay

Location: Between Newquay and Padstow

Features: The beautiful Porthcothan Beach is quieter than the nearby, more popular beaches of Constantine and Trevone. A north west facing beach, backed by grassy sand dunes, this long narrow beach is a hidden gem.

Surfing Conditions: This bay offers reliable surf with good swell direction from the west. It’s suitable for surfers of all levels, making it a versatile spot.


4. Black Rock Beach (Widemouth Bay)

Location: Near Bude

Features: Situated at the southern end of Widemouth Bay, Black Rock Beach is located at a more secluded part of the larger bay. This spot is less crowded than the main Widemouth Bay area, with an expansive sandy beach and tranquil atmosphere.

Surfing Conditions: Black Rock Beach enjoys consistent waves and can handle a variety of swell directions, making it suitable for surfers of different levels. It works well on both mid and high tides, with the rock formations providing interesting breaks and challenges for more experienced surfers.


5. Sandymouth Beach

Location: North of Bude, North Cornwall

Features: More remote than other Bude beaches in the area, Sandymouth Beach offers a rewarding surfing experience in a stunning setting. As a National Trust beach, Sandymouth is well-preserved and offers beach lovers a natural, unspoiled environment.

Surfing Conditions: The beach faces west, which means it picks up a lot of swell from the Atlantic, providing reliable surf conditions. The surf is best during mid to high tide when the waves are more consistent and the beach is less rocky.

Always check the local surf conditions and respect the environment to ensure these hidden gems remain pristine.

Sea and Sand

Slowtide Botanical Waves Quick-Dry Picnic Blanket

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The perfect lightweight lay-down. Sand slides off it and it folds away small enough to take up minimal room in your beach bag. Loops and ties for holding down on breezy beach days make it the perfect addition to any sandy sit down.

Freedom Moses Sliders

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100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. Slide your way into summer with these colourful, comfortable and cute sandals. Psst.. They’re our new favs!

Animal Isla Womens Printed Surf Suit

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A practical addition to your beach wardrobe. Good coverage and flattering design for all the water based activities. We would say it’s a solid summer surf staple.

Bay of Fire Wildbay Swimsuit

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It’s all in the details with this one. Functional but fun and a stand out design that’s wearable with your summer shorts or skirt for a fresh on and off the beach vibe.

Bay of Fire Moonrise Ocean Top

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The perfect balance of functional and feminine. Great for wavy days with long sleeves protecting your shoulders from the sun while you surf.

Roxy Bag

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A classic beach stripe that gives Riviera chic on the beach. A tote-ally timeless summer item that feels like it will last.

Protest Scilla One Piece Swimsuit

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A textured dream palette that suits all skin tones and flatters blonde and brunette. Good coverage and super comfortable, hurray to no surf wedgies.

Reef Sandals

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Very on trend with the slightly stacked sole. Giving sandy sunset strolls.. Or perfect for a beach day date.

Soak it Up and Skate Home

Anima Palm Green Zipper Surf Poncho

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For those scorcher surfs or swims where you want a simple and stylish exit from the beach. The perfect and prettiest poncho, made for salty souls.

Pirette Dry Body Oil

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An oil to soak up the smells of summer and quench your skin thirst after a long day with vitamin D. This oil is divine.

Santa Cruz Foxy Sun S/S Shirt

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Stand out with an easy over bikini wear, perfect for a sundowner skate. The design brings the sunshine.

Arbor Skateboards Black Rose Surfskate

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This dream green machine is a summer surf essential. A stable and smooth surfskate with Carver trucks for all your awesome beach day missions

Vans Shorts

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The ultimate utility short for summer. Need we say anymore… They’re obviously cool.

Sunbathe Safe

Pacsafe Go Anti Theft Sling in Sage

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A beach trip essential with water repellent material. This sizeable sling pack will fit in all of those beach needs and necessities.

Monos Jewellery Case

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A pre sea safety measure for all of your valuable gems, beads and shells for safe-keeping. The little compact case resembles a clam itself. A chic addition to you beach bag.

RipCurl Pouch

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A pretty wet / dry pouch, a simple essential.

MOUJA Fully Adjustable Ponytail Cap

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UPF50+ Fabric to protect you both in and out of the water. For girls with lots of locks, this one’s for you. The handy adjustable tie allows you to easily thread your salty waves into a ponytail or beach-bun.

Roxy Sunglasses

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Stay in the summer and see the world through rose tinted sunnies. Shell out and bathe in your inner rock-chick.

Ripcurl Washed UPF Bucket Hat

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Vintage vibes, wide brimmed and an adjustable chinstrap to hold down the summer breeze for a skate or stroll to the beach.