Surf Tours Nicaragua | Miramar, Nicaragua

Located within the heart of Miramar, a quiet fishing village in northern Nicaragua, STN is the perfect place for all surfers, beginner-advanced. From consistent rolling soft waves to perfect barrels and our talented in-house photographer will capture it all for you.

When not surfing, enjoy yoga, laying in the hammocks, playing music with the STN team or head to the beautiful city of Leon where they have everything from beautiful architecture to jumping salsa clubs. We are equipped with two 4×4 trucks, a van and a boat to get you anywhere you want to go and have three incredibly talented local chefs to provide three authentic and delicious meals a day.

STN is operated by a father son duo whose mission is to give you the best time possible so if you enjoy perfect weather, yoga, surfing, or just flat out relaxing then this is the place for you!

Q & A with Ryan and Erin Carmody, Owners of Surf Tours Nicaragua

How fit do you need to be to join your retreat? We welcome all levels of fitness, however a level of mobility is necessary to get around the lodge and Rancho overlooking the surf, we have steps to get up there.

Do you need to have done yoga before? Nope, all levels are welcome.

Can any level of surfer join you? We welcome all levels of surfers, from never caught a wave to someone that can stand tall in barrels, all are welcome and we have a variety of waves in our zone for all levels of surfing

Do you do yoga all day? No, we have yoga sessions at different times each day depending on what type of session you want to do, also we have a big open deck overlooking the surf for yoga and stretching.

Are meals included? Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided, made with love from our local in house chefs. We also have an earlier breakfast of fresh fruit, homemade granola, fresh squeezed juice, cereal and local Nicaraguan Coffee out at 5am every morning before an early morning surf.

Is it women only or mixed? Mixed.

Can any age join? Yes.

When is the best time of year to visit? All year long is paradise down here. Our surf season for the big south swells is April through to September, October-March is perfect for learning as the surf is much smaller and super playful.