Roxy surf squad, Keila, Monyca and Bruna. Photo courtesy Roxy

Words by Corinne Evans

Every year women’s surfing grows bigger and bigger and with more women participating in the sport than ever all eyes are on the world surfing elite to pave the way for the next generation of female surfers. 

These athletes aren’t just “surfer girls” they are role models and ambassadors for women both in and out of sport and have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to push the sport and help gain the recognition women’s surfing deserves. With more and more women’s only surf events and competitions taking place all over the worlds it’s exciting to see the media and brands getting involved to help back this amazing sport.

Monyca Eleogram, Bruna Schmitz and Kelia Moniz are three Roxy ambassadors chasing the sun and the waves around the world. Over the last few years they’ve struck up a solid bond of friendship, from competing on the world tour to travelling with Roxy on surf trips, “Being away from friends and family as much as we are kind of forced us to make a home away from home together.” says Kelia, “They are not just my amigos, they are my sisters and we share the most rare, pure, unconditional friendship. I’m able to look and think: “Wow, these are some phenomenal women and I want to be just like them”. But then there’s also a very intimate part of our relationship where I get to see not just the beautiful, talented side, but the generous, caring, selfless, loving qualities that I really try my best to mimic. They are two of the most beautiful humans, inside and out, and I really mean that.”


Photo Roxy/Tim Swallow

Whilst out in the Cascasis Women’s Pro event which took place in Portugal in October we got the chance the catch up with professional surfer Courtney Conlogue. Number 2 in the world professional surfer Courtney Conlogue is one of the most powerful, radical and perfectly polished surfers on the tour. She’s stamped her mark on the surf scene as a fierce competitor and never afraid to speak her mind and talk about her passion for improving women’s surfing.


A true sportswoman, Courtney Conlogue. Photo WSL

“We are SO competitive with each other but it really is just sportsmanship. We are all in it win but at the end of the day we are all working together to improve women’s surfing as a whole. It’s really the movement and it’s such a positive thing and I think that’s why there is such good energy on the tour.”

Despite huge rivalry on the WSL World Tour, after winning the world title Tyler Wright was full of praise for her competitors, “A massive congrats to Courtney (Conlogue). I’ve been in her position twice now and I know what it’s like. I love her, I love the way she competes and she’s such a strong competitor. A big thank you to everyone that’s come before me and paved the way. Carissa (Moore) is a huge inspiration — she’s the progressor of this sport so to be in final with her was really special. Thank you to her!”


Despite the competitive rivalry on the World Tour the girls keep it classy. Tyler Wright. Photo WSL.

What we love the most about women’s surfing is the fact that no matter how the heats go, who win’s or who looses there always seems to be sisterhood within the sport and they are all constantly pushing the boundaries to develop the sport.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for women’s surfing, keep up the wonderful work ladies!


Nikki van Dijk and Alana Blanchard sharing a joke on Rip Curl’s The Search trip. Photo courtesy Rip Curl.