A long-time favourite with travelling surfers, Morocco offers year-round sunshine, a choice of waves to suit everyone, and some of the best point breaks in the world scattered along the country’s 1,100 mile coastline.

Many of Morocco’s best breaks are dotted along a 30-mile stretch of southwest-facing coast around the fishing village of Taghazout – Killer Point, Anchor Point and La Source to name a few. Tamrhakht’s Devil’s Rock and Banana Beach are also popular spots for intermediate surfers and longboarders.

Imsouane is home to two right points – The Bay (a longboard-friendly mega-peeler ) and Cathedral Point. Then further north from Essaouira up to Tangiers, the top spots are Dar Bouazza (a long left point just south of Casablanca) and Bouznika (a right point between Casa’ and Rabat). Rocks and urchins make entry and exit at both spots a bit tricky; booties are recommended.

Morocco is a Muslim country and it’s important to respect its laws and culture so be sure to do your homework on what’s ok, frowned upon and illegal before going.

When to go:  September to March.

Airport: Agadir (AGA).

Language: Arabic is the mother-tongue but most Moroccans speak French and  English.

Currency: Moroccan dirhams.

Rubber: A 3/2mm will do the job. Bring booties – the rocks at many of the points are sharp.

Watch out for: Dodgy drivers, petty crime, poor water quality near villages and towns.

Alternative excitement: The marketplaces are buzzing hives of colour, scent and flavour. Go haggle.

Where to Stay:

Amayour Surf & Yoga, Taghazout

Paradis Plage, Taghazout

The Yogi Surfer, Taghazout