By Chelsea Holter

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, which seemed so surreal with no family history. But we all have to be real in life, that sometimes no mater how fit and healthy we seem, we just never know what’s around the corner. 

I’ve just started Chemotherapy, a very unnerving time but to be honest, as we always say at SurfGirl, “stay positive and just love everyday with the gift that each day is”.

I love to be active, love my work, and the thought that this will slow and become less often for the immediate future with treatment was quite a concern. But you know what, the positive side of me says ‘it is only four months of treatment, it’s coming into winter, it will cruise by, just be cosy and comfortable and the surf can wait!’ How great it will feel when I get back in the sea! In the meantime I’m just focussing on getting well and only doing what I can manage is the best I can do, and to be happy and content with that for now.

In order to fight this cancer, the future is looking a bit crazy for my immune system and general health. Chemotherapy is a toxic, cell destroying treatment which will kill off the cancer but in turn also destroy all the good cells too like white and red blood cells. But I wanted to turn this sad thought into a positive one, so in order to recover quickly from my treatments, I’m going to try super foods. I’ve been interested in a super healthy almost ‘holistic nutrition’ diet but never had the oomph to sort it and start, and give it a try. 

chelsea-cancer-food1 chelsea-cancer-food2
Healthy choices in my everyday to boost the body.

So I’ve made a start and I have to say, cutting out refined sugars, tea, coffee, processed foods, and anything with more then just natural ingredients, I just feel so GOOD! I have gone as far as introducing any food ingredient that has cancer fighting characters which I hope will work alongside the chemo to boost the shrinking of it. We are always posting healthy food alternatives on the SurfGirl website, so take a look and start trying these healthy foods.

No matter what the trial I face, and now more than ever I feel the need to inspire others to do good and turn a sad situation into a positive one. Off the back of realising I would lose all my hair through the toxic chemo, I set up a fundraiser with the Little Princess Trust to ensure that money and hair for children’s wigs could be arranged, so that no child has to face treatment without hair. It has really helped me to see such support and encouragement through the funds raised and those friends and family who cut their luscious locks for the cause! Take a look at the fundraiser page: . Perhaps you too can be inspired to do some good in a dark time?

chelsea-cancer-hair1 chelsea-cancer-hair4
Cut for the Cause in motion.

Remember nothing is too much to overcome, and you can do this, with a positive get-up-and-go-attitude. Rest and enjoy each day for what it is, the little and the large things. Friends and family are key in life’s curveballs so keep them close and be honest about your feelings to those that you trust. Listen to medical advice from the professionals but be mindful of what else you can do to make things better with a healthy lifestyle. The day you wake up and you don’t hurt or feel sick, then hallelujah, today is a good day – claim it!

SurfGirl is donating 50p from the sale of our pink SurfGirl beanies to Chelsea’s ‘Cut for the Cause’ fund raising page .

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Me and my twin sister Abbie just after my cut.