By Corinne Evans

After this (really) long winter we’re ready to welcome spring with open arms.

We’re ready to fill our lives with colour and inject some vibrancy into life again. With fresh floral tones filling the air and the longer days we want to celebrate this wonderful season and share everything we love about spring.

With spring comes a variety of colour, from pastels to the tropical tones of early summer. Colour can boost and lift your mood, so if you’re feeling a little down after the long cold winter then add colour pops where ever you go. Paint your nails a bold colour or wear a vibrant jumper, whichever way you choose to enlighten your life, do it with colour!

If you’re an early riser, spring means an early sunrise and more chance to savour the mornings. Wake up early, drink your coffee and enjoy the extra hours of daylight. If the waves are good head out for a surf before starting your working day or take a stroll around the park. Spring brings more time for adventure and we love adventure. 
Leaving winter behind is wonderful. Although winter can be great in so many ways it can also be a real drain on our energy levels and can cause our bodies to become stagnant and our minds to become overloaded with negativity. Spring gives us time to detox our minds and cast fresh eyes on our lives. It’s a time to make new plans, leave the past behind and start the new season with new goals and aspirations with a spring in your step. 

This could be the thing we are most excited about, especially after the bitterly cold spell we have just had over here in the UK. The first day of spring that feels warm enough for us to no wear a woolly hat or thick coat feels glorious. Getting the chance to soak up some well needed vitamin D is one the of the best things about spring. 

Spring brings an abundance of delightfully scented wildflowers, filling our noses with delicate aromas. For the green-fingered amongst us, it’s also the time to get planting! Fill your gardens with wildflowers, fruits and vegetables and homes with freshly cut spring bouquets. It’s also a marvellous season for spotting wildlife, everything really does seem to come to life, ending hibernation mode.