Photos by Rita Rhodes

Lisa Marques is an illustrator based in Peniche, on the west coast of Portugal. We’ve a couple of Lisa’s beautiful prints on the Beach Boutique so we thought it was a good idea to find out more about the soul surfer from Portugal.

Lisa, where are you from?                

I’m a Portuguese girl, born in France and living by the ocean in Peniche. I chose to study and work with the salty breeze and the waves crashing in a walking distance, at this small fishing town. I felt I couldn’t live far from the sea, that was my deepest soul will.

How would you describe your artwork?

I usually call my work “soul & surf” illustration, because the surf and the deep connection to the nature are my best way to reach my soul.

In this last collection called “A Vernal Sigh”, the cute surfer girl is represented with colourful landscapes and patterns, suggesting the enriching journey of travelling to another worlds. Having new experiences and the knowledge that’s acquired.Blog-Soul-Surfer2What or who inspires your art?

Mainly people who are creating great things, living and expressing their truth selfs through art, sports, writing… whatever it is. People who believe and trust in their intimate voice, people who bring messages and refections into my life.

The connection with nature in solitude also allows me to listen the silence and find my way and the peace I need to create. My hand is only a vehicle to materialise my deep feelings, I just need to keep it free without the mind intervention.

What’s been the highpoint of your artistic career so far?

I’ve already had some exhibitions around the world, in India Surf Festival or in Lagoa Surf Arte in Brasil, for me the highpoint by far, are the messages I receive from some followers saying that my work is an inspiration for their lives. That’s my best reward, and worth everything I have done.

Lisa3 Lisa6

How does the ocean and surfing inspire you?

I start surfing when I was 15 years old. I saw someone surfing on TV, and I felt that I wanted to do the same. One year of savings later, I bought my first surfboard, and start surfing with some old surfers, who teach me through the years, they became my masters. I never had a surf lesson.

This way I took longer to learn how to surf, and I’m still learning and improving, but I had lucky to find in this process my way of living – learning by observation, looking up to the surf values about respect, caring and sharing, environmental awareness, and a profound connection to the mother nature. This is the “old school” lifestyle of surfing that got lost by the industrialisation of surfing.

Nowadays “surf” is pure branding. There are a lot of people who can stand on a board, and even break a bunch of waves, but the truth surfers, the children of the sea are less and less.

The challenge of facing the waves and the powerful ocean teaches me with humility how to recognise the edges of my limits and abilities, making me evolve as human being. In this moments of connection I feel more inspired to draw.

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What motto do you live by?

I believe that all the experiences are lessons. Each lesson allows us to grow up and evolve. I believe we are spiritual beings living an human experience. Just take your freedom and let you feel.

Lisa’s prints are available on the Beach Boutique

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