Kelia Moniz is living the dream, surfing and hanging out with the other Two Amigos on Roxy photo shoots around the world. 

The hugely popular, fun-loving Hawaiian is just as comfortable going for a dawny as she is in getting made up for a Roxy photo shoot. We get the lowdown on Kelia Moniz, aka ‘Sister’ .

Kelia, where are you from and whats it like there?

I come from a place I’d like to call one the most magical destinations on the plant. Hawaii… I was born and raised on the island of Oahu. Its basically paradise with a little of city which is the best of both worlds, doesn’t get much better. 

How did you get the nickname ‘Sister’? 

Well, most people think its cause I have four brothers… And yes, having four brothers definitely serves its purpose as to why I’m still called sister. But the real reason is, my mom and dad actually didn’t name me for an entire month. So they would start referring me to my older brother as “Sister”. Quickly after that mom popped out three more boys, so the name sister is here to stay. 

How does travelling with the Three Amigos inspire you to be a better person?

Everything about them inspires me to be a better person. There’s people we have in life that sometimes look at from a distant perspective thinking, “Wow that person seems awesome, I want to be just like them”. Fortunately for me, I’m able to look in admiration at them and go, “Wow these are some phenomenal women, I want to be just like them”. But then there’s also a very intimate part of our relationship where I get to see not just the beautiful, talented side, but the generous, caring, selfless, loving, qualities that I really try my best to mimic. They are two of the most beautiful humans, inside and out, and I really mean that. 

How long have you known the Amigos?

I’ve “known” them for probably 10 years or so. But about six years ago we started traveling A LOT together doing Roxy photo shoots and surf trips. Being away from friends and family as much as we are, kind of forced us to make a home away from home together. They are not just my Amigos, they’re my sisters. The most rare, pure, unconditional friendship, sisterhood life could ever offer.  

If you could re-live any day of the Three Amigos trip, what day would it be?

Gosh, every day with my girls are incredible. It’s the in between moments that aren’t always captured that are my favourite moments I’d wish to relive and most likely will one day. I’m blessed. 

How do you stay in good shape?

Im obsessed with Muay Thai. It’s honestly the best, quickest, most fun, way of exercise in my books. It’s also incredible for stress relief that I believe is a very healthy part of the practice. 

What motto do you live by?

Hmmm, theres a lot of mottos that I live by, but today I’m going to go out and limb and say : “Smile, it’s contagious, pass it on.” and “Love, it’s powerful, stay strong!”.

Describe your life in 5 words

Beautiful. Blessed. Spontaneous.Vibrant. Loved