Sofia Mulanovich, the first Peruvian surfer who won the ASP World Tour (2004) and the first South American who gained the World Title (2004), creates now together with Swatch a Surf Academy for young Peruvian surf talents in Punta Hermosa, Peru. Sofia decides to share her experience to teenagers in a three year program – a full scholarship and a unique opportunity for the kids.
The recruiting process to enter the academy is divided into two stages: the Searching Days and the Scouting Camp.

The Searching Days identifies possible participants aged from 10 to 15. At different beaches in Peru, Sofia and her selection committee chose 15 high potentials kids who go through the more intense Scouting Camp. During the Scouting Camp the candidates residing in the “beach house” for one night and two days – the perfect surf spot. With workshops and video analysis they improve the style and the technique.
At this stage of the Camp Sofia and her team analyze the surfing skills to make the final selection which kids will get one of the 10 available places for the full program.

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