Thanks for all the entries in the Search for Shredders. My online surf video contest is in it’s second year and it’s all about fun and open to all. The sponsors are amazing and thank you to them all for providing great prizes.

Dave Renaud picked out mens winner Luke Embleton “for his cover up and massive claim!” Luke Embleton did well in the contest also winning the best bomb which he surfed on the Wavebreakers surf series stop in Thurso on a nearby spot. His big drop and commitment impressing Dave again. A later wave clinching him the Wipeout prizes too. Finn Collins won the boys category with a shreddable long wave abroad.

Katy Beddoe won multiple catagories picked by both judges. Kerry Powel commented “it’s a difficult angle to judge from but she’s coming right back into the pocket each time and going from top to bottom, her cross stepping is also in control”

Emily Currie won the girls and was judges pick for Kerry saying “she has spray coming off the back of a pretty gutless wave!! For the conditions this was good surfing. Easily the best video.”