Adalù is a brand born in Rome saturated with Italian vintage style and attention to materials and lines, with the intention of creating comfortables items for women in sports.

Adalù is the reflection of so many passions:  The unconditional love for the sea and a style anchored to the Italian traditions, bringing the perfume of old values of Italian tailoring.

In each creation you’ll find a bit of summer.

adalu adalu bikini adalù_insta13 adalù_insta42

No matter if you are an athlete or a free surfer, to be comfortable with yourself you need something like a second skin”. Valeria Donati, Adalú


Valeria Donati is a young Italian surfer girl who started making original crochet bikinis about two years ago. The idea of creating a surf brand came from her necessity to wear something comfortable and feminine in the water which gives more elasticity then neoprene and at the same time the possibility to be creative with colours and lines. So she created the first Adalù lycra onepiece. The first pieces had a lot of buzz and she was surprised by discovering that so many Italian girls needed something like this, so she decided to give her brand a sporty feel without renouncing femininity. This is how Adalù was born.

Photo’s credits: Daniele Allegrezza, Stefano Mileto, Marta Tomasini from the blog Surfragette, Alessandro Tornatore, Valerio Paoloni. 

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