Photo Abbi Hughes

Being a surfing girl in the normal everyday world can be a challenge, mainly because you’re seen as a little different. In my opinion different is good, but society doesn’t always agree. The word “fashion” is thrown around by the big brands and magazines and often dictates what people see as “the norm” (excluding some wildly outrageous pieces displayed on the cat walk at said “fashion weeks”).

I believe fashion is entirely based on opinion so keep being yourself and wearing what you love!serra top

Photo Abbi Hughes

The surfer girl image embraces and encourages natural beauty, and this is far more important than any designer label!

We swap makeup for sand and hairspray for salt; walking barefoot down the street in a neoprene suit becomes part of your everyday life and you’re more often carrying a surfboard than a handbag. Walking straight from the beach to the bar quickly throwing on a baggy shirt and some boardies is our norm; we’ve created that by surrounding ourselves with similar minded people.

The main thing to remember in life is that there’s always people out there with the same passions and interests, you may just need to go a little further to find them.