Stella Jean x ROXY – Underwired Bra Bikini Top £55, available here Stella Jean x ROXY – Mid-Waist Bikini Bottoms £45, available here

Stella Jean x ROXY

It is with great pride that ROXY unveils its latest collection, a collaborative effort with acclaimed Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean. The vibrant summer line celebrates tradition and creativity in fashion from the streets of Rome and the beaches of France to the forests of Madagascar.
With love.


Born from deep aqua waters, lush emerald forests and vibrant terracotta cliffs, this line dives deeply into the nature that surrounds the women of this project.
Stella Jean, a designer, creative mind, and humanitarian, living at the intersection between Italian and Haitian culture.
A wonderful group of female artisans on the island of Madagascar, dedicated to maintaining the tradition around raphia and supporting one another.
And ROXY, the spirit of female adventure seekers, mountain lovers and wave chasers.

Stella Jean x ROXY – One-Piece UPF 50 Surf Jumpsuit £105, available here

Stella Jean x ROXY – One-Piece Swimsuit £105, available here

Stella Jean x ROXY – Long Sleeve UPF 50 One-Piece Swimsuit £95, available here


The line – which includes various swim styles, footwear and accessories – is the perfect introduction to warmer months. With comfort at heart, this collection offers a myriad of styles and 2 main prints that lend themselves to endless combinations.
The footwear draws inspiration from the beach yet is infused with an air of contemporary fashion.
And, at the heart of this collection, a bag. Bold, colourful, woven from the hands of female artisans in Antananarivo, Madagascar, individuals dedicated to the craft of raphia, carrying on their land’s timeless art in doing so.

Stella Jean x ROXY – Long Sleeve UPF 50 One-Piece Swimsuit £95, available here

The participation of these artisans is an integrant part of Stella Jean’s efforts to shine a light on the know-how of women across the world. A United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, the designer created Laboratorio delle Nazioni, a business model and sustainable development platform that helps build cultural bridges between women across the world. Through it, she has worked with women from Burkina Faso, Peru, Kirgizstan, Benin, Haiti, and many more over the years, honoring the centuries of tradition these artists are so dedicated to in the process.

Building these cross-cultural relationships paves the way for incredible exchange; it is a humbling and rewarding experience. The opportunity to highlight the craft of these fantastic and talented Malagasy women is a true honour that I was thrilled to share with the team at ROXY. Through an exchange of skills my goal is to strengthen the determination of the Malagasy female artisans, to keep their community and their extraordinary – but mostly unknown – traditions alive, repositioning them on the map in a geographical, emotional and economic level . The promotion and adoption of their craft allows them to free themselves from welfare policy, to organize themselves into micro-enterprises and in so doing, to build their own autonomy

Stella Jean


Stella Jean x ROXY – Crop Top Bikini Top £60, available here

The collection is deeply infused with dedication to our natural playground. It is eco-conscious, made using recycled nylon, durable fabrics that will sustain chlorine and sunscreen use for a fashion that lives through the years. The raphia is sourced respectfully in a process similar to pruning, then dyed with pigments limiting impact on our planet and the people that inhabit it.

Stella Jean x ROXY – Bike Short Bikini Bottoms 
£47, available here

Stella Jean x ROXY – One-Piece Swimsuit  £90, available here Stella Jean x ROXY – Beach Towel £55, available here

Stella’s boundless creativity and enthusiasm for design has a galvanizing effect on all those around her.  This energy is matched only by her passion to collaborate with, honor, and support artisans around the globe by partnering with them on each collection.  Her authenticity in all that she pursues is what I truly respect and is the reason why she has ROXY’s heart

Stephanie Micci

Global Head of Design, ROXY

Stella Jean x ROXY – Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rash Vest £47, available here Stella Jean x Roxy High Waist Bikini Bottoms £45, available here

Stella Jean x ROXY – Straw Beach Bag
£220.00, available here

Stella Jean x Roxy – 2” Board Shorts
£55, available here

Stella Jean x Roxy – Hooded Surf Poncho
£70, available here

Stella Jean x Roxy – Reversible Bucket Hat
£35, available here


Roman by way of an Italian father with a Haitian mother, Stella represents an intersecting point between two seemingly opposite cultures, a cultural distillate and a cross-border fertilization project that she has chosen to narrate through fashion. Throughout her decade-long career, Stella has worked with female artisans from across the world (from Kyrgystan and Kenya to Peru and, Syria among many others), helping shine a broader light on their expertise and craft. “The meeting of cultures, and the relative inclusiveness, is an irreversible choice to this very day. The point at which we could decide whether to deal with others different from us has already passed; the others are already part of us.”
In December of 2021, Stella officially became a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.


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