Dedicated to supporting and empowering women for over 20 years, ROXY has joined forces with The Keep A Breast Foundation to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention.

After many years supporting one another, the leading global youth-based breast cancer prevention organization and the leading female actions sports brand have partnered and created a limited-edition t-shirt to encourage women to check themselves and become their own health advocate. The piece – a white shirt stamped with rainbow letters celebrating the partnership – aims to get the message out by starting the conversation around early detection of breast cancer: 100% of the proceeds will go towards breast health education and support.

ROXY has been dedicated to empowering women for over two decades and there is no better way to do so than by helping women take their health into their own hands. We are proud to partner with The Keep A Breast Foundation and to help give this important message the visibility and support it requires.

Danielle McKenzie

Global Head of Marketing, ROXY

I’m grateful that Keep A Breast has been part of the ROXY family for so many years. The women behind this brand from artists, to athletes to musicians, inspire us to live to our fullest and protect our own health and the health of our beautiful world.

Shaney Jo Darden

Founder, Keep A Breast

40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump

(John Hopkins Medical Center). It is therefore crucial to educate young women to self-check.

The Keep a Breast Foundation Check Yourself! App helps users approach self-check and establish a routine. Available on iPhoneAndroid.

The ROXY x Keep A Breast t-shirt is now available in stores and on

About Keep a Breast

The Keep A Breast FoundationTM is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. Since its inception in 2000, KAB has worked with young people to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast health. Through various initiatives and programs such as breast cast art exhibitions, “Non Toxic Revolution”, “Check Yourself! App” and “i love boobies!” campaign, KAB has opened up the dialog about breast cancer, and has proven to be a doorway to breast self-awareness and education.

Keep A Breast has grown into the leading global youth-based breast cancer prevention organization, with global affiliates in Europe, based in France, and partners in Mexico, Zambia, Kenya, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the pink ribbon status quo, Keep A Breast has always encouraged young people to love their boobies, get to know their bodies, and be aware of changes.