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XY 1mm Bikini Cut Wetsuit

High tech meets high fashion with the ROXY XY Series. Bold prints, patterns and bright colours break the mould of a traditional wetsuit and allow for fashion and function in the water, with all the benefits of the best in performance wetsuits: F’N LITE neoprene (warm, light & flexible); glued and blind-stitched seams; back zip entry system; Ykk zip; Hydroshield water barrier; Hydrowarp adjustable neck closure; Ecto-flex knee pads.


XY 3/2mm Back Zip Wetsuit

AG47 Performance is simply the warmest, most flexible wetsuit, merging ultimate warmth, performance technical features and our F’N LITE neoprene. Key features include: F’n LITE neoprene (warm, light & flexible); thermal smoothie on chest and back panels; glued and blind-stitched seams; external Hydrolock seal seam; inside Redsealseam technology; flush lock 2.0 seals; chest zip entry system; water block semi dry zip; Ecto-flex knee pads.


Syncro GBS CZ 3/2

Syncro GBS combines the higher-end features of a cold-water suit at the best possible value. Dry Flight Far Infrared Heat thermal lining in the chest and back watershield provides retained body heat. It also uses the F’N LITE neoprene, GBS (glued and blind-stiched) seams to reduce leaks and Ecto-flex knee pads. Offered in a chest and back zip closure, the Syncro GBS is built with 100% top-end features for stretch and flexibility.