We’re very excited to hear that Roxy are bringing Pendleton back to the beach scene! Reintroducing the nostalgia of the 50’s, the days when the California surf scene consisted of Beach Boy and Pendleton t-shirts to keep warm instead of wetsuits.

Pendleton Mill started off by making woollen blankets for local and southwest Americans, their well known tribal, colourful designs and prints of the blankets were actually inspired by the native Americans preferences. Their products have also expanded tremendously since their famous blanket too menswear and women’s wear, but most importantly now inspiring Swimwear with Roxy!


Combining Pendleton’s 150-year heritage with Roxy’s favourite swim and fashion silhouettes has resulted in a collection that is traditional but yet a perfect example of great modern craftsmanship. The collection consists of many favourite swim and fashion silhouettes, from surf leggings and traditional tri bikinis to highwaisted balconettes and delicately fringed overswim. It’s definitely going to give a wave of beauty to your summer wardrobe!