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GBomb Zip Free

4x3mm £254.99 3x2mm £244.99

The ultimate performance summer wetsuit. The Gbomb uses E5 stretch neoprene for ultimate stretch and performance, while the 3/4 internal E5 taping enhances comfort and warmth without compromising on stretch. The new easy entry zip free system makes the suit lighter and more watertight too. Sublimated prints add a great fashion look. This is the ultimate wetsuit for the surfer who wants the best – no compromises.

Dawn Patrol Chest Zip

4x3mm £204.99 3x2mm £194.99

The Dawn Patrol is a high performance and durable wetsuit. A great looking suit with all the bells and whistles you need, at a great price. Premium E5 stretch neoprene is used in all action panels, and 3/4 internal E5 taping adds comfort and warmth without compromising performance. Our Freeflex neoprene offers 100% stretch throughout body panels, without breaking the bank.

Madi Long Sleeve Boy Leg Springsuit


Part of the Rip Curl Bombshell Series, Rip Curl have combined their top end stretch fabrics and exclusive E-stitch technology to create our amazing Bombshell collection. Awesome prints and ultimate comfort will keep you looking and feeling great this summer. The entire Bombshell collection is made in either 2mm or 1mm fabric and a variety of cuts and prints.