Rip Curl Swimwear Guide 2018

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This summer’s swimwear collection takes style, comfort and performance to the next level. Whether you’re after the perfect bikini for lounging on the beach while sipping coconuts or UV rash vests for hitting the water, Rip Curl have got must-have staples for every girl’s swimwear drawer. Our one-piece swimsuits are a surf to boardwalk no-brainer, just chuck on a pair of shorts or a cute denim skirt and you’ll be ready to go.


Are you doing any sport-specific lines?
Our Mirage collection is a sport specific bikini line. This season we have really improved it with our new innovative new elastic, ‘Surf Grip’. The elastic is made with special silicone dots that stick on the skin when you are in the water. The top has the ‘Surf Grip’ under the bust and at the waist on the bottoms, making it perfect for surfing in as it won’t move, it will stay perfectly on the body and it is also really comfortable. We have done lots of testing with our professional surfers like Tyler Wright and Pauline Ado, who are surfing every day and they have fallen in love with the Surf Grip Mirage. For them it is the best bikini for surfing and quality.

What’s the key product in your line?
Our one piece the Mirage Ultimate. It’s the best one piece for surfing on the market with water repellant Italian microfibre fabric, a neoprene panel and a specific shape to wear surfing.

What are the main materials you’re working with – anything new?
We have a new line ‘Infinity’ with a new innovative microfibre double face. It’s extremely stretchy, which sculpts your body for a perfect bikini fit and with this special fabric we can also do the welded assembling for a pure design line (no stitches!). It is the most comfortable, sporty and sexy bikini on the market. Our pro surfers appreciate this bikini for surfing too.

What prints and patterns are on trend for Rip Curl this season?
These are our key trends for summer;
Tropic Tribe this colourful flower print is inspired by exotic floral plants.
Beach Bazaar is an eccletic mix and match – striped tapestry texture mixing with a stamped blue batik pattern.
Hot Spot is a 90’s beach surf inspired line with the new strong summer colour Electric Violet.