A sure thing in winter for sun and good times is the wave rich land of Portugal – an epic coast of empty waves stretching from Porto in the north down to the hidden coves of the Algarve. It’s mercifully warm year-round on land, and while the water needs a decent suit it’s still lush compared to the UK in January.

RIDE351 – Surf Trips Portugal

Discover Portugal in one unforgettable experience of surf, culture and gastronomy with all included. Portugal’s geographical position is unique in Europe: benefit from around 800 km of open beach-breaks, reef-breaks and gorgeous bays blessed with great swells during most of the year. The whole coast is rich in surfing spots, some very well known but also some unknown ones which are equally good or even better. They are less crowded and with perfect waves, but you really have to know how to get there.

At Ride351 – Surf Trips Portugal we provide surf experiences for all surfers’ ages and levels. We want to present you the best spots to surf, the best of gastronomy and the most beautiful places to visit. All for you to enjoy one unforgettable surf experience while you are travelling with us! Wanna Surf and Travel, Ride with us! The most complete surf experience in Portugal.

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The Surf Experience – Algarve, Portugal

Since 1992 The Surf Experience has been setting the standard, and after 24 years we have created the ultimate surf holiday. Options of surf school, surf safaris, pro bootcamps, longboard and yoga weeks, combined with awesome accommodation options and unrivalled catering, make this one of the greats. Check out the women’s surf and fitness weeks. Originality. Quality. Vibe. Culture. Love. 

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