Words by Emily Wilkins

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Enviously watching a female surf coach shred a tiny shore dump one day I asked, how is your pop-up so fast? She did ten a day, at home in her bedroom, was her reply. “And if you want to really do it properly, put down masking tape as a stringer line, and make sure your feet are landing in the right place.” Well I did, and although it was hard at first, I soon saw results. And it’s something I’ve always come back to, especially when not surfing as much as I would like.

Here’s what to do:

Lay face down on the ground, palms comfortably under your shoulders.



Press up with your arms, twist your hips, back-foot hip facing upwards.


IMG_2792 IMG_2793

Then smoothly swing yourself up into a squat, only now you should be facing side on to how you were lying down.


Well done. You just popped up. Now do it again. And again!


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