We just love how these travel companions have been born out of up cycled bouncy castle offcuts, or whole castles, that have been damaged after a long long time providing bounce at parties, on beaches and weddings. Recycle genius!

Every single piece of fabric at the Wyatt & Jack workshop has come to them after a lifetime serving its purpose, braving the elements. Unbelievably hard wearing, tactile and brilliant for making into bags.

As we become more conscious of saving our planet with recycling materials for bottles and food containers, why not for our travel bags and clothing. Wyatt & Jack offer a combination of style and function with the all important eco friendly nature behind what they do, and we just love it!

Cute toiletry bags and larger bikini bags with waterproof lining are now available on the Beach Boutique shop.

Wyatt_Jack_ToiletryBag1 Wyatt_Jack_ToiletryBag3 Wyatt_Jack_ToiletryBag2