Pointe Break Retreats

Location: Costa Rica, Mexico & Portugal

Welcome to POINTE BREAK RETREATS! This luxury surf and dance getaway was designed by a surf instructor and professional ballet dancer, two women who knew that their passions complemented each other perfectly. The weeklong escapes they offer around the world, in places such as Nosara, Costa Rica, Sayulita, Mexico, and Ericeira, Portugal, combine adventure and wellness with exotic decadence.
It’s time to find your inner traveller: the adventure seeker, the athlete, the artist, the culinary connoisseur. Pointe Break Retreats are curated with local flavour in mind, highlighting the unique magic of each locale.
Day off highlights include catamaran tours, horseback rides, and ATV tours along the coast. No previous experience with surfing or dancing is required; just a zest for adventure and an open mind…Come find your balance on land and sea, explore paradise and make friends for life!