Wanderwild Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection



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The Wanderwild Collection

Designed to wander. Built to roam.

Introducing Wanderwild.

From icy dawn patrols to mid-winter road trips, Wanderwild pieces are purpose-built for embracing autumn and welcoming winter.  

Designed to wander.

We were inspired to created Wanderwild after our recent experiences road tripping and chasing northern swell in Canada. Timeless and protective, every design is suited for wandering excursions and everyday adventures.

Built to roam.

With cold comes the necessity for warmth. This essential fact informs every facet of the collection from colour palettes to fabric selections. Wanderwild is purpose-built for city life, the road ahead, and wherever you roam.

Insulated jackets, chunky knits, high neck hoodies, baselayers and cozy beanies. It’s our most complete collection yet. Reflecting our passion for escapism and simple living, Wanderlife urges you to head north, experience winter’s chill, and to seek new reprieves from routines.

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