Words by Abbi Hughes

Here are a few ways we can love and support our ocean.



Photo: Abbi Hughes

Make sustainable seafood choices.
When shopping or dining out please spare a thought for our fish.  Global fish populations are decreasing rapidly due to unsustainable fishing practice and loss of habitat so its perfectly acceptable to ask where your fish is sourced from, wherever you are, get it sourced sustainably.

Photo: Gina Goodman, Common Dolphin seen off the coast of Falmouth.

Dolphins are often caught as bi-catch in many fisherman’s nets.

Use less plastics.
A lot of our plastic produce unfortunately makes its way into the ocean. Not only is it awful to surf around but it contributes to habitat destruction and deaths of thousands of marine animals each year. Recycle wherever possible to reduce our impact.

Protect the beach.
Always clean up after yourself, appreciate the ocean and surrounding environment without interfering or removing items such as rocks or coral. Encourage others to respect the marine environment, even organise a beach clean!

Photo: Gina Goodman, surfing in an ocean of raw sewage, Godrevy 2014.


Don’t purchase items that exploit marine environments.
When you are on your amazing surf holidays please try not to purchase vacation keep sakes that are made from animals. For example coral jewellery, coral sponges as bathroom accessories, shark fin products or tortoiseshell items (made from hawksbill turtles) etc. Take a great photo instead!


Photo: Harrison Bates. Gina diving with Turtles in the Red Sea.

Support Organisations

If you can help support organisations that protect marine environments. Get involved with local projects and lend a hand. Its a great way to educate yourself and inspire others.

Go for a surf.

If you ever forget why the ocean is so amazing, simply go for a surf! There is so much to be enjoyed and so much to be protected.