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Despite the cold, the beauty of Norway’s coastline and uncrowded waves are too much of a temptation for local surfers.


Photo: Ingunn Langødegård

Meet Anna-Stina Åkesson, who lives and surfs in Norway.

Home town: I’m from a small village in Sweden called Jung, but now I live in Hoddevik, Norway.
Where du you surf? Wherever I can. My home breaks are Hoddevik and Ervik, close to Ålesund in Norway.
Do you surf all year round? Yes, I just wear a thicker wetsuit in winter.
How cold does it get? In April, when the snow melts in the mountains, the water temperature is around 3°C, but the air can be much, much colder. Thanks to the Gulf Stream the water temperature is always above zero.
What’s the best thing about surfing cold water waves? Empty beaches, clear fresh water, no crowds and dramatic scenery.
And the worst? Freezing when you try to get your wetsuit off in a cold and windy parking lot.
What are your top motivation tips to surf in the cold? Nowadays the wetsuits are so good, so you don’t freeze while you surf if you have a good wetsuit. You don’t have to fight over waves in big crowds and it’s so beautiful to surf up in the north. During the nights you also have the chance to see Northern lights.
Are there many other surf girls in the line-up? It’s like it is around the world – a lot of guys and a few local girls that surf. You always find some of us in the line-up and there are more and more girls every year.
How do you warm up post surf? Knitted wool jumpers and lots of hot tea, but the best is definitely a hot sauna.