With cascading waterfalls, picturesque swimming holes and, of course, too many beautiful beaches to count, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of Hawaii. To us, it is more than just a tropical vacation destination. It feels like coming home. Hawaii is surfing. Hawaii is the roots of our culture. It’s more than warm waters or big waves; it’s a source of constant, positive energy. A flooring and overwhelming feeling that you have finally found what you’ve been searching for. Hawaii calls each individual to relax and be present – fully present with those around you, with the water surrounding you.

To us, the true question is: what isn’t good about Hawaii?

Our two weeks on the North Shore have come to an end. Moments filled with a bit of laughing, dancing, eating, connecting, and a lot of surfing, our hearts are full once again from the magic that is H A W A I I. Aloha.