Nemberala Beach Resort | Rote Island, Indonesia

Nemberala Beach Resort has hosted some of the most fun and most famous female surfers in the world (not necessarily the same people). 

This is the place surfers of all levels can relax and enjoy surfing and the rich culture of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Our property is surrounded by a host of breaks perfect for learners,  long user friendly waves that allow any surfer to improve their skill level plus the more challenging waves for stand up barrels and down the line performance.

The resort provides beautiful accommodations with facilities and services to match. This year we are launching a new Surf & Wellness program to complement our spa offering yoga 5 days a week, specialty meals and smoothies for the more health conscience along with guided excursions to explore Rote and the near-by islands by foot, boat, mountain bike, motor scooter or SUP.

Q & A With Sean Murphy, President of WaterWays Surf Adventures

How fit do you need to be to join your retreat? While there is no required fitness level, and we can cater to guests with all levels of experience, we feel to take full advantage of the excursions in addition to the yoga participants should have a basic level of fitness that would allow them to ride a bike on a flat graded dirt road or participate in light hiking for 30-45 minutes.

Do you need to have done yoga before? No yoga experience necessary. Hildi is experienced in working with athletes with zero yoga experience through “stretching” programs which has flowed over into her restorative yoga programs suitable for beginners.

Can any level of surfer join you? Yes, we have sand bottom rolling waves perfect for learning and everything up from that level.

Do you do yoga all day? No, yoga is typically scheduled morning or evening when the air is cool and fresh.

Are meals included? Yes, we provide early breakfast (continental breakfast) at first light, full cooked breakfast starts at 8:00am, lunch, appetizers at sunset, followed by a 3 course dinner menu.

Is it women only or mixed? While we do have a couple weeks held for women only, most weeks are mixed groups.

Can any age join? Minimum age is 16

When is the best time of year to visit?Any time March through November, with June through August being our coolest months with the dry trade winds.