Nemberala Beach Resort

Location: Rote Island, Indonesia

Located on Rote island in the East Nusa Tenggara region of SE Indonesia, Nemberala Beach Resort (NBR) is one of Indonesia’s premier surf resorts catering to surfers of all levels along with their traveling companions and families.

In the past the Resort has hosted some of the most fun and most famous female surfers in the world and is the place surfers of all levels can relax and enjoy surfing and the rich culture of East Nusa Tenggara. The property is surrounded by a host of breaks perfect for learners, long user friendly waves that allow any surfer to improve their skill level; to more challenging waves providing stand up barrels and down the line performance. 

NBR offers air-conditioned comfort, swimming pool, games room, spa, a host of off-site adventures and activities along with guided surf transfers to ALL the breaks in the surrounding area by boat and/or vehicle. Their fleet of boats allows the team to split guests between the breaks that best suit their skill and approach to each day. The resort provides beautiful accommodations with facilities and service to match.

This year they launched a new Surf & Wellness program lead by Norwegian born yogi Hildi Guiney, read on to find out more…  

What’s new for NBR this year?
This year we launched a new Wellness and Activities program lead by Norwegian born yogi Hildi Guiney. Hildi will be offering yoga 5 days a week, overseeing production of fruit and vegetable smoothies, adding treatments to our SPA menu as well as organising off site activities including island hopping, mountain bike tours and SUP excursions to the mangroves.  Hildi has been spending the season on Rote since 1995 so there is nobody better to provide an insider’s experience to all Nembrala has to offer on land or sea.

Can any level of surfer join you?
Yes, we have sand bottom rolling waves perfect for learning and everything up from that level. Our fleet of boats allows us to split guests between breaks on a flexible schedule that best suits their skill and approach to each day.

Where can we find you?
We are located on the small island of Rote in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, just south west of Timor. Quite easy to get to and we are able to assist those who want help coordinating travel from Bali.


When is the best time of year to visit?
Any time March through November, with June through August being our coolest months with the dry trade winds (still hot, just drier) .

What is the accommodation like?
Our large duplex bungalows are built with locally sourced materials, each with a private and spacious outdoor bathroom, views to the pool and surf out front.   Rooms can be configured with twin or king beds, and duplex bungalows are perfect for families traveling with children providing an adjoining interior door.

What is there to do other than surfing?
The fishing in this area of Indonesia can be some of the best in the world, a snorkelling adventure is a must and there are three additional islands nearby to explore. Away from the water there are massages, games, mountain bikes, yoga, SUP and the full Nemberala experience is not complete without a trip to Nemberala Village.