Carissa cuts loose and takes flight in Morocco.


Here we take a look back at the videos featuring some rad surf girls, their loves, lives and inspirations. Sit back, tune in and enjoy!

Carissa Moore Off Season Ripping

After a challenging 2016 season, three-time world champ Carissa Moore ditches the jersey for some rippable off season surf in Israel and Morocco at the end of last year. “Every year I try to do one trip that’s very different from my standard surf trips,” explains Carissa, “Last year I went to Haiti, which was super eye-opening, but otherwise we go to the same nine or ten events and locations a year. So the opportunity to learn and grow and challenge myself motivates me — going on trips that keep me 100 percent stimulated teach me so much.”

Art and Angourie

Here’s Felicity Palmateer seeking out inspiration and having a whole lot of fun courtesy of mother ocean and a plethora of surf craft at one of Australia’s most legendary point breaks.

Nose Riding in Bali

All the moves – how much fun does this look? Large boards, slow waves, long rides create a dance on the waves and with the waves. “A girl in a shot, Flora, is a good friend of mine, she hones her skills in nose riding at Batu Balong spot in Canggu.” says Dmitry Fedorov. Follow Dmitry here.

Salt Water Siren Series featuring Lauren Hill

Love Lauren Hill. Here she is describing her life with David Rastovich as they’ve carved a life of love, environmental awareness and having fun surfing.