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Mermaid Image: Pinterest 

The ocean covers 71 percent of our Earths surface, and 95 percent of the underwater world has yet to be explored. So I guess that you could conclude that mermaids may exist. I believe in mermaids, in fact I think I am one. Any women or young girl who has a love for the sea, isn’t afraid to get tumbled by a wave, and feels most comfortable in the ocean is a true mermaid. Yes, we don’t grow long shiny, slimy, slippery fins, but we’ve got that mermaid vibe. We’ve got that cool sun kissed, salty hair, that tan glowing skin, a smile from ear to ear, sand everywhere, and an everlasting deep love for the ocean. According to my studies, mermaids are girls who don’t put up with unnecessary drama, don’t care how they look (because they know they are beautiful inside and out), and feel comfortable living in a bikini from day to day. Mermaids love themselves, but also love and care for others, especially all those cute surfer boys.


I’ve always had an obsession with mermaids. Growing up, I used to make my mom draw outlines of them for me so that I could color them in and make up stories about them. I also watched many movies and TV shows about mermaids, and read mystical mermaid books all the time. I was fascinated by there beauty, boldness, kindness, strength, and lack of fear.

As a young girl and still to this day, my family and I always go to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico to surf. For a while I only believed that mermaids only lived in the Sea of Cortez, because of its magical giant waves, glittering dark water, happy Mexican spirit, and underwater caves. I was pretty certain that mermaids lived in those cool crystal underwater caves. They were enchanting. I always wanted to ask the hot local surfer guys if they had ever seen any mermaids. I had a feeling that if there were mermaids in the water they would probably flirt with those guys.

As I’ve grown older and explored more beaches I’m certain that mermaids live at all of them. Mermaids are myths, yes I know, but I’ve come to realize that mermaids are just beach girls who have confidence, like to make people wonder (especially guys), aren’t afraid to be themselves, aren’t followers but are leaders, and make everyone who meets them happy. You’ll know a mermaid when you meet one. You might be one too…