North Devon surfer Lucy Campbell has just gained an amazing sponsorship with Korev and about to embark on the WQS this year.

We caught up with Lucy after her return from South Africa.

Lucy, when and where did you first start surfing?
I started at home in Woolacombe, North Devon when I was about 10.

What are your aims for this year are you competing on the Euro tour?
This year I’m competing on the World Qualifying Series and aiming to up my tour ranking. I’ll mostly be doing the European events as well as a few further afield… I’m also hoping to win back my British title!


Tell us a bit how you teamed up with Korev and how their sponsorship has helped you with your plans for the year?
We are working on some exciting things this year, from filming to events and festivals. Competing on the WQS is expensive with entry fees, flights and so forth, so I’m really thrilled they are helping me to get to some of the events that I want to be competing at this year.

You’re travelling a lot, what are your five packing essentials?
Cameras to capture the fun, TRX for training, sunscreen, laptop loaded with some good movies and coconut oil.


Which countries have you been to in the last year and how would you say surfing abroad has improved your surfing?
The last year has been incredible, I’ve been to Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, Tenerife, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and Ireland (yes, do they count!). As much as I love surfing at home it’s amazing to keep surfing in consistent waves, as well as exploring new, different types of waves.

How do you stay fit and healthy?
It depends on the waves really, if it’s pumping and I’m in the water 2-3 times a day, I’ll just do some yoga to help recovery. When the waves aren’t so great I like to mix in some running, mountain biking and strength, conditioning/ balance work.

If you could invite 3 famous people to dinner who would it be and why?
I’d love to include;
Steph Gilmore – she seems like she would be brilliant to chat to and I would just be praying that some of her surf style rubbed off on to me…
David Attenborough – do I need to explain that one?
James Corden – who doesn’t love an evening when you laugh so hard your abs hurt the next day!

Which tunes get you amped for the surf?
Probably my go to when I’m driving to the beach is a mix that a friend made called ‘Beach Please’… full of feel good tunes! Then there’s The Darkness- “I believe in a thing called love” that’s literally impossible not to get excited too!

Dinner date or dawny?
I’m going to have to say dawny, especially in the summer, its so good to beat the crowds for a surf before brekkie!

Which surfers do you love to watch on the World Tour?
John John, Fanning, Carrissa, Tyler, Lakey…

Who inspires you to be a better surfer?
I’d have to say my big brother, Stu Campbell. We used to always surf together, when I see him shredding and trying new moves it makes me want to do the same.

Describe your life right now in 5 words.
Ocean, filming, exploring, training, excess baggage fees!


Korev, is to continue its partnership with Britain’s top national surfing event, becoming key sponsor of the 2017 UK Pro Surf Tour (UKPST). Signing up as Official Beer of the tour, Korev will be supporting UK-wide events for the cream of UK surfing talent across 2017, with the season kicking off at Watergate Bay in May.


The UK Pro Tour, which formed in 1998, is the only series of professional surf events held in the UK and highlights the quality of surf across the country at the same time as raising the performance level of British surfers in a number of events. These events are held in some or the best locations, from the world class waves of Scotland to the popular seas of the South West coast.
The first scheduled event of the tour, Surfaced Pro, will be held at Watergate Bay on the weekend of May 6-7. The tour will then continue into the summer months, with events in Scarborough; Newquay’s Night Surf at Fistral beach; Lynmouth; Llantwit Major; and Thurso.

“We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the Tour. We were involved in and witnessed some superb events last year that were such a fantastic advertisement for British surfing. We look forward to working with the team at UKPSA again to bring the Korev brand to life and promote the Pro Tour which plays such a pivotal role in building popularity and awareness of the sport.”
Jeremy Mitchell

Marketing and Communications Director at St Austell Brewery

“The Tour began in 1998 with the aim of raising the profile of British surfing and proving a uniform event platform to raise awareness of surfing stars to the surfing industry. It has gone from strength to strength over the years and we are really pleased that Korev is on board as a key partner again for 2017 to help us develop the tour further.”


Dave Reed

Tour Manager for the UK Pro Surf Tour

Korev – the traditional Cornish word for beer – launched in summer 2010 in a 500ml bottle, and on draught in 2011, has fast become one of the Brewery’s leading brands. It followed a wait of almost 160 years for St Austell Brewery to produce its first premium quality Cornish lager. Korev is brewed to authentic methods over 25 days using only natural ingredients and has established a loyal following for its clean, crisp taste. Korev is now also available in 330ml cans and bottles. For more information click here. Stay up to date with Korev festivals and competitions and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

For updates on the UKPST, become a fan on Facebook or follow @ukprosurf on Twitter.