Justine Mauvin

At the age of 13, Justine entered a ROXY contest at her home break called Les Roches Noires. With the waves favoring longboarding, Justine picked up a 9’0 and won the contest, fostering her interest in longboarding. With her background of shortboarding manoeuvers and gracefulness, longboarding suited Justine’s style.

Multi talented Justine’s musical background is thanks to her father. Playing the piano from a young age, her dad taught her a song on the guitar and she was hooked on the instrument. When asked to draw parallels between her surfing and music, Justine says, ‘Surfing is like playing music or writing a song. You’re free to do what you want, and this massive feeling of freedom is addictive. Weather I’m in the water or playing music, I feel closer to my inner feelings because every sensations is deeper. Being able to express and receive between deep inside and what you hear (music), what you see, watch, and touch (nature)… they each bring me what I need to reach my balance. On the other hand, to me, the link between being an artist and woman surfer helps show the value of modern women, and at the same time it enhances the image of female surfing.”

Justine, where’s your favourite place to travel to and why?

There are many places I love to travel to. To me it depends a lot on the people I travel with. But I have to admit that going home in Reunion Island with my homies, the mountains behind and living like back in the days is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. 

How do you stay healthy, what’s your fitness regime?

I really try to stay close to my body in terms of needs. I don’t have a particular fitness regime, I try to eat fresh food, and “alive” food such as fruits and vegetables, leguminous and fish. But it really depends on what I need each day. 

I only stay active, eat what I want and need for my daily activities.  

What does your daily diet consist of ?

Fresh apple juice in the morning, a daily dose of ocean, and a good dose of Love and fun 🙂 

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Chelsea Tuach

Chelsea grew up on the idyllic South Coast of Barbados, learning to surf when she was 7 years old at local break called ‘Freights’. Inspired to take to the surf by two older brothers, both national champions and members of the Barbados junior surf team, Chelsea was soon overtaking her brothers’ achievements. At the age of 10, Chelsea became the youngest member of the Barbados surf team and now is one of the most decorated professional athletes from the island nation.

Relocating to San Clemente when she was 16 allowed Chelsea the opportunity to improve her technique while surfing top quality waves along the Californian coastline.

With her 2015 WQS win at the Pantin Classic securing her spot on the 2016 Women’s Championship Tour, Chelsea is the fresh face to watch in 2016.

Chelsea, where do you live and what’s it like there?

– I live in Barbados. It’s a beautiful, tiny island in the Caribbean, surrounded by reef breaks and inhabited by the most kind- hearted and genuine locals.  

What’s the vibe in the water like?

– the vibe is pretty mellow in the water, we get a lot of waves and theres always different places to surf, I’d say a crowded day is ten people in the water but I can always find somewhere to have a solo surf. 

Who inspires you to be a better surfer?

My family inspires me, they have encouraged me throughout my career, a surf with my two older brothers is always refreshing, they push me when the waves get bigger and theyre always ready to give me advice in the water. My mum is always with me at surf contests and when I travel, being the rock I need when I’m away from home and pursuing my dreams. 

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