Georgie Timson is certainly one too watch, spending her summers surfing fun waves in France and recently winter working on her style and technique in Indonesia, Georgie really is living the surfer girls dream! This 18 year old surfer has got her A level studies out the way and is now focussing all her efforts on her surfing and becoming the best that she can be. I caught up with Georgie to find out how she found surfing in Indonesia and what her plans are for the summer.

Georgie, you’ve been away travelling in Indonesia this winter, how was your first big adventure away?

It was unreal! I definitely didn’t want to come home… it was truly amazing, I’ve never been anywhere like that before and to see other people live their culture was incredible, surfing in a bikini in perfect waves with hot sunshine was such a dream. I’ll be back for sure.

How did surfing in Indonesia help you progress with your surfing?

Surfing there changed my style completely but for the better, it took a little time adjusting but it didn’t take long. When your on these waves, I think it’s difficult to know when to perform manoeuvres compared to surfing in England. It’s like learning to surf again and I loved that my surfing was fastly improving, it just made me want to surf for every hour of the day. It was good to have my older brother there as has been a numerous amount of times, he would go through my surfing from video footage and give me some tips/coaching.

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Congratulations on taking 2nd place at the Women’s Night Surf, how did you find the competition this year?

I’m stoked! It was really close between 1st and 2nd, I was winning until the last 2 minutes! I love the Night Surf, it’s one of my favourite competitions, everyone surfed well and coped with the small conditions.
I also had another competition the same weekend (the surfaced pro) I got to the semi finals! It was a long weekend but I enjoyed the atmosphere and waves.

Do you plan to compete in any other competitions over the coming months?

I will be in France and Spain for the summer, so I hope to do a QS’s down there and see how that goes, next year I will start to compete in these often as I won’t have sixth form and I can focus massively on improving my surfing.

I see you’re heading out to France with your family, this seems like a pretty epic family tradition you’ve got going on! What’s the best thing about spending your summers in France?

It’s my favourite place, it’s almost my second home. The best thing is getting to surf with my brothers in super fun waves, the weather is another element! There’s nothing like french sunshine. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the place is just amazing, if you haven’t been you need to go! Also for post surf or after surf snacks; the french passteries are in definite need of experiencing, they are quite wonderful, filled with little delights!

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You’re only 18 years old and you’ve achieved a lot already. Where would you like your surfing career to go next?

I’ve finished sixth form now which has gone scarily fast, but this means I can just concentrate on surfing which is so exciting. I would like to spend some more months in top class waves, to push my surfing to the next level, by doing this I hope my confidence will grow! After one trip in Indonesia I can already see a difference and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I hope to compete in many more global competitions which is a daunting but exhilarating too and I cannot wait.

What do you prefer a wetsuit or a bikini?

I think this may be a difficult question to answer… a bikini of course! It’s one of those feelings you can’t describe, it may sound funny but there is nothing like it. Going from a wetsuit to a bikini or vice versa always takes a day or two to get used to. Surfing in a wetsuit is comfortable and enjoyable too, it’s just the less neoprene the better!

Best thing about surfing?

Being in the sea is best way to spend time outdoors! I love the feeling of unknown when you’re on a wave, it’s so addictive. You can forget about any tensions and stress, and just think about surfing! As you progress you become compelled to surf better each day, making you feel alive, even though you’re with everybody but alone in the sea, you kind of feel connected.

Worst thing about surfing?

There’s not many bad things, but definitely crowds and newbies; the more people in the lineup, the more dangerous it is. Maybe another thing is wiping out, it’s really not too bad with sand but reef can be a whole different thing. It’s all about experience.

Finally Georgie who do you look up to in the surfing world?

Bianca Buitendag is one of my favourite surfers, I love her style and approach. Also Gabriel Medina, he’s insane and inspiring, I’m not sure how you even get that good!

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