Interview by Corinne Evans

19 year old pro surfer and longboarder Alice Lemoigne from Reunion Island is competing in the longboard division of Boardmasters. Look out for the French champ!

Alice, do you prefer free surfing or competitive surfing?

I like both but I love the competitive spirit of competition.

You took the win at last years Boardmasters event, how did that feel?

It was amazing especially since I also had the European title. I couldn’t of dreamt for a better year!

Was this the first time you’ve surfed in the UK or have you been there before?

Yes, this was the first time that I’ve surfed in the UK. The waves were good but I must say that water was pretty cold ha,ha!

Apart from your win, what was the highlight of your trip?

It was so fun, the scenery is really beautiful! The people were really friendly and the event had a cool atmosphere.



With the World Surf League Longboard Tour in full how have the events been going for you?

They have been going great. In China last year I finished 5th in the World and reached my goal. I’m looking forward to returning to the podium.

Where’s your favourite place to surf?

I love surfing waves in the Reunion Islands especially the wave Saint Leu, it’s just incredible.

You really are a woman of the water and surf both a shortboard and longboard well. If you had to choose one as your favourite craft what would be it, a shortboard or a longboard?

I love them both, both sensations are really different. For now I will continue to do both.

When you’re not surfing, how do you spend your down time?

I don’t ever stop, if I’m not in the surf I train to keep me fit for the surf. I also like to spend time with my family.

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