World renowned for it’s legendary surfing history and culture, perfect waves, surfers flock to the North Shore of Oahu. We asked Maud le Car to give us the lowdown on the world famous North Shore.

Maud, what’s your favourite thing about Hawaii?
The vibe, the surfing culture, I feel like everytime I go to Hawaii I improve my surfing. It makes you want to surf bigger boards and bigger waves and push your turn harder. Surfing in Hawaii is so iconic you can really feel that special magic vibe and timeless sunsets.

Sounds amazing, but Hawaii is a long flight from anywhere, so what are your tips for doing journeys like that?
For me the worst thing about travelling is eating the junk food in the planes and airport that makes me feel tired and wicked. Especially being vegan is hard to find always options I can eat, so when I travel I usually pack healthy snacks and drink a lot of water because flights dehydrate you so much. For me really makes a difference, so when I get to Hawaii after a long flight I feel better and ready to surf. Other tips for a long flight are, I travel in comfy clothes and with a neck pillow. I also try to sleep as much as I can and it’s the good time for me to do my emails and things I don’t have time to usually do on my computer.

How far is the North Shore from the airport and how do you get there?
It’s an hour drive depending traffic, I rent a car to go there but you also have shuttles from the airport to the North Shore.

Where do you stay? Any tips for people on places to stay on the North Shore?
I stay in the Volcom House but the Turtle Bay Resort is an amazing place to stay on the North Shore. If you traveling by yourself or in a group of friends I recommend AirBnB.

Best place for breakfast and post surf food?
Pupukea Grill is my favorite spot, the food is healthy and amazing!!

Foodland is the famous supermarket on the North Shore. Anything to especially look out for there?
The ahi poke at Foodland is awesome!

What does your typical day look like?
Surf, eat mangos and pineapples, surf, poke. Surf again until having dinner with my friends and enjoy a Mai Tai cocktail at Leileils.

The surf is pretty crazy waves at places like Pipeline and Waimea, so where would you advise first timers to get their feet wet?
Take it easy and check it out to start with. I’d suggest going to Lainakea is the waves are super fun and the reef isn’t so dangerous and shallow. If you’re more experienced I’d also recommend Rockies Point.

Flat day fun?
Swimming, exploring along the reef, hiking and or going to see the waterfalls. Or head south and explore Waikiki and enjoy a dinner and drink near Duke’s statue.

What else can you do for exercise?
Go hiking on the hill above Pipeline.
Gynastica at sunset with Kid Peligro.
Running along the North Shore on the road which runs alongside the beach.

Best places to party?
The Surfer Bar at the Turtle Bay Resort and in town in Honolulu.

Waikiki and the South Shore. What is that like down there?
Waikiki and south of Oahu is great for small waves and to go swimming or enjoy beautiful iconic beaches. The waves are more mellow and it’s completely different the North Shore. It’s more city, with a lot of traffic, a lot of people and tourism. I’d really recommend longboarding at Waikiki it is just so magical!

Any other general tips for people taking first time trip to Hawaii to surf?
Watch out the reef is so sharp! Maybe for the first surf or two try to surf spots which are less shallow or use booties 😉 Also try the local macadamia nuts and little organic coffee shops that are so nice in Haleiwa.

Maud photos courtesy Monster.