Magic Surf Morocco | Aourir (Banana Village), Morocco

Villa Shangri-La Surf & Yoga by Magic Surf Morocco is a peaceful oasis ideally located in the Moroccan countryside; close to the ocean and the community and far away from the cities hustle and bustle. Treat yourselves to a relaxing, healthy yet sporty holiday with surfing, yoga, sunbathing by the pool, traditional Moroccan hammam, argan oil massages, horse riding on the beach and much more on offer. 

Villa Shangri-La is fully equipped for your comfort: private and en-suite rooms, bed linens, bath towels, air conditioning / heating, healthy homemade meals, free WIFI throughout the house and garden and swimming pool. The experienced, friendly and dedicated team will make sure everything goes smoothly. Join one of our Yoga & Surf retreats or we can help organise Workshops, Teacher Training or a Health & Fitness bootcamp. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask your questions! We are ready to help.

Q & A with Sabine Gazel Arnaud, Magic Surf Morocco Owner and Yoga Teacher

How fit do you need to be to join your retreat? 
To join our retreats, you don’t need a specific fitness level. Our surf and yoga sessions are tailored to fit everybody and at the end of the day you can decide when it is enough for you and stop.


Do you need to have done yoga before?
 No you don’t. As a hatha yoga teacher, I go through poses (asanas) and make sure everybody performs them the best they can according to their abilities and anatomy. The perfect pose doesn’t exist, only the one that feels good to that person.

Can any level of surfer join you? 
Yes. The ISA surf instructors will first asses your surf and fitness level and then decide how groups should be split.

Do you do yoga all day?
 The yoga classes occur once in the morning before breakfast around 7.30 and then after surfing around 17.30. Depending on your package, you will have none, one or two classes included. Regardless, you will be more than welcome to join any classes you like at an extra charge.

Are meals included? 
Our packages include breakfasts, picnic lunches at the beach and diners at Villa Shangri-La.

Is it women only or mixed? 
It is mixed. Should it be women only weeks, it’ll be specified, or you can ask us when the next women only week is on.

Can any age join? 
Yes and No. Under 18s are only accepted if accompanied by a parent, a tutor or a responsible person above 18. Families are welcome and we take children in surf lessons from age 7, providing that they can swim at least 25 meters by themselves.

When is the best time of year to visit? 
Morocco is blessed with waves all year around. From June to August the waves are smaller and the beaches are busiest in July and August. From September through May, the swell is more consistent (December to March is the best) and the beaches are really uncrowded. So pick your month!!