As the promise of Autumn is ushered in, with it comes six nights of stoke fuelled cinematic delights. 22 September – 1 October 2016, the 6th Edition of London Surf / Film Festival x REEF hits the UK, presenting a line-up of the very best films to inspire, enlighten and entertain.

This year’s Shorties showcase every aspect and angle of surfing – from adaptive surfers to road trippers from the world’s best  riders (Ben Skinner) to the freshest faces (13 year old groms) from tackling plastic problems (Don’t neglect the Balls) to taking on 40ft faces in a journey around the UK and Irish shorelines. Here is the link to all the Shorties: 

JoDennison 2

Above: Unorthodox Grace Holden and Victoria Babcock featuring Jo Dennison 

Bringing to the UK the cream of international surf culture – premieres, award winning features, icons, talks, art, live music and more, the London Surf / Film Festival is hosted across the capital and across two weekends, at two iconic venues.

“It’s always an honour to work with such inspiring creatives from the global waveriding community and to host the very best in independent surf filmmaking. I’m delighted to be able to share this year’s line-up, which includes 2 World Premieres, 3 European Premieres, 11 UK Premieres plus a host of award winning features and ground breaking shorts that explore surfing and surf culture from all angles, as well as a special 35mm screening and a live audio visual performance to blow minds,” says Festival Director Demi Taylor.  “We are delighted to welcome so many filmmakers to the festival this year, to share their experiences and adventures with the audience, adding a new dimension to the cinematic experience. For many of the films, the festival will be the only chance to watch them as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded, wave sliding folk – the original “social media” experience!”

ELSIE copy

  • Thursday 22nd – Friday 23 September The Genesis Cinema, E1 plays host to the opening weekend.
  • Friday 30th September – Saturday 1 October LS/FF moves west to the iconic Regent Street Cinema bringing with it an all new line up of films!

Tickets from £8.50 are available through The Genesis Cinema and Regent Street Cinema box offices. There are also a limited number of evening passes from £15 which include a full night of films PLUS a complimentary beer from Sharp’s Brewery as well as some exclusive goodies, delivering more good times for your bucks!

For full schedule details and info on a couple of very special LS/FF pop-up screenings head to:

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.30.04dont neglect the balls1 JoDennison



7PM: UK PREMIERE: Peninsula Mitre  Dir. Gauchos del Mar, 2016

From the multi award winning filmmakers, Gauchos del Mar comes this stunning travelogue, as the Azulay brothers undertake a 2 month journey on foot through the uncharted Tierra del Fuego Province of South America. Presented by the filmmakers.

Showing with:
UK PREMIERE: Beauty & Chaos Dir. James Skerritt 
LONDON PREMIERE: The Accord Dir. RC Cone

9PM: EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Sorria  Dir. Gabriel Novis, 2016

Sorria or “smile” will make you do just that, serving up an all star cast of Brazil’s hottest talents from Yago Dora and Filipe Toledo to Caio Ibelli, this takes performance surfing to the next level, featuring the eye widening waves of Mexico, Indo, California and Hawaii.

Showing with:

UK PREMIERE: Inna di Caribbean Dir. Arthur Bourbon
Presented by surfer / filmmaker Arthur Bourbon


7PM: UK PREMIERE: The Zone  Dir. Jack Coleman, 2016

Award winning independent filmmaker Jack Coleman serves up an alternate surfing dimension featuring the fins free wizardry of Derek Hynd and Ryan Burch as well as mind blowing artistry from the likes of Rob Machado, Alex Knost, Ari Browne, Ozzie Wright and Bryce Young as they tour through Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, and California.

Showing with:
UK PREMIERE: The Adventures of NASASADir. Ian Lewis
UK PREMIERE: The Road to Galicia, Dir. Luke Pilbeam 
Presented by surfers Mike Lay & Elsie Pinniger

9PM: LONDON PREMIERE: View From A Blue Moon Dir. Blake Kueny, 2015

The world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends Bruce Irons, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Eli Olson, Jamie O’Brien, Jack Robinson, Koa Rothman, Jordy Smith, Koa Sith, Frank Solomon, Felipe Toledo, tour the dreamy blue perfection of the world’s finest waves, shot entirely in sumptuous 4K, this film was made for the big screen.

Showing with:
UK PREMIERE: Brother – Bruce Irons Dir. Sebastien Zanella (20 mins)
WORLD PREMIERE: The Persistence of Hope Dir. Roger Sharp (5 min)

Presented by filmmakers Tim Nunn & Roger Sharp

FRIDAY 30 SEPT, Regent St Cinema, W1 // EAST VS WEST

7PM: EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Fire & Water  Dir. Thomas Brookins, 2016

Award winning documentary filmmaker Thomas Brookins brings us the compelling tale of a small crew of pioneering NY surfers lives in Hawaii in the 1950’s, testing their wits in the infamous big waves of Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline & Waimea, with some of the greatest named legends of the time. Combining incredible never before seen archive Bolex footage with candid tales, interviews and stunning surf action.

Showing with:

UK PREMIERE: Surfing Europe: Dir. Matt Crocker & James Dean 

Presented by the filmmakers

LONDON PREMIERE: Dirty Old Wedge Dir. Tim Burnham, 2016 

The Wedge is a mythical man-made mutant, where a tight crew of surfers and bodysurfers take on the monstrous waves, where injuries are common and where deaths have occurred, this multi-award winning documentary features Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, Ron Romanosky   Mike Stewart, Danny Kwock, Bill Sharp and the hard charging WEDGE CREW. Presented by filmmaker Jack Murgatroyd.

Showing with:

WORLD PREMIERE: Trip the Light Dir. Oli Adams Presented by Oli Adams


7PM: UK PREMIERE: Chasing Zero CJ MIRRA and Chris McClean, 2016

Having collaborated on a number of award winning projects, composer/ musician CJ Mirra and filmmaker Chris McClean bring their other-worldly live audio visual interactive cinematic experience to London, featuring CJ Mirra’s haunting soundscapes, original scores and improvised performance and Chris McClean’s evocative cold water cinematography. Presented by CJ Mirra & Chris McClean

Showing with:
UK PREMIERE: Bruce Gold Dir. Anders Melchior  Presented by the filmmaker

9PM: UK PREMIERE: Forbidden Trim Dir. George Trimm, 2016

A very special 35mm screening of director George Trimm’s “Grindhouse, Surfing, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, War film” and featuring the stylings of Alex Knost, Jared Mell, Harrison Roach et al. With classic B movie vibes, with a killer, custom soundtrack and some of the world’s most stylish surfers – this is not to be missed.  Presented by George Trimm.

THURSDAY 15 SEPT, Curzon Soho, W1

8 PM: EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Let’s Be Frank Dir. Peter Hamblin, 2016 (45 mins) 

Frank James Solomon will let nothing get in the way of his dream of being a pro surfer. He battles waves, attacks problems head on and busts down barriers. His many complex facades are a source of intrigue for our narrator, an inquisitive aristocrat. Our conspirator guides us through mirrored worlds of fact and fiction, proposing wild theories and exposing a realm that lies somewhere between reality and what we are continuously told to believe. Leading to the question: just who is Frank? A very special screening presented by the filmmaker and accompanied by a Q+A.