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I once read that to get a beach body there are two steps:

1. Have a body

2. Go to the beach.

I think this is very valuable advice and it teaches you that anyone can have a beach body because there is no real way to define it. Yes, people often think of rock hard abs and chiseled torsos but this often creates pressures to look a certain way. Obviously we encourage exercise and healthy eating, but first and foremost we encourage loving yourself and being happy with who you are.

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Of course being physically fit helps your surfing, but you must also have a healthy mind. We think yoga is a great way to relax and put aside all your woes and worries, making for a happier, healthier you. A healthy mindset provides a gateway into progressing your surf as you will feel more relaxed and this will hopefully transfer into the water.


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One thing to remember is that exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (which we love) but it doesn’t have to be all about running and hitting the gym; surfing is a pretty intense workout and can burn a lot of calories, and the best bit is you’re working out whilst having an awesome time. You use so many different muscles when surfing, and paddling out back is enough to get your heart racing before you’ve even started.


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Eating healthily gives you the energy to make you feel good and it is really important to stay healthy, but don’t forget that the odd ice cream here and there will also make you happy! Everything in moderation will make for a healthy body and a happy mind.