Above Photo: Instagram/VaninaWalsh Below words and images by Emily Wilkins

As surfers and beach bums we lead generally quite healthy lifestyles. Exercising every muscle in our bodies from shoulders to toes, and enjoying heathy food to make us feel delicious from inside out, the only negative is that double-edged sword the sun. While it fills us with VitaminD, great for that happy feeling, the sun and salt can take they’re toll on our skin and hair, leaving us feeling a little bit frazzled and in need of some skin TLC.

But with so many lotions and potions out there, do we need that many, and how can we avoid filling our skin with undetectable additives that we don’t want or need?

Try just these three things and give your skin what it needs for a day with the waves.

Always Wear Sunscreen


You know the song, now follow Baz Lurman’s famous and bang-on advice. Beautiful as bronzed skin looks now, you don’t want to be resembling a leather hand bag in a few decades time.

Seventyone Percent Solar Oil can be used on your hair as well as your skin, and is available at the SurfGirl Beach Boutique, it’s consumer and environmentally friendly so it does even more than it says on the tin.



When it comes to keeping hydrated, you just can’t beat this ancient source of goodness. Drink what ever else you like but keep drinking water and your skin will love you.

Coconut Oil


Now this is where it gets good. Coconut oil goodness is the new kid on the block and everybody’s BBF. With one jar catering both for your kitchen needs (it can totally replace the need for other cooking oils) it can also replace your bathroom moisturising collection. Rub it into you skin and hair without the worry of other hidden nasties, the smell is subtle and delicious, and it’s quickly absorbed. No greasy layer you might expect from a pure oil, although it does stay put and offer you a protective layer against all that salt you encounter. Be warned though, let it soak in before heading into the sun, and always wear suncream!



Photo: Tumblr