By Ruth Cutts

For a couple of hours, we were no longer in East London. We were in the harsh winds of the Icelandic coastline, the reggae-infused vibe of the Caribbean islands or spending 50 days trekking in South America. Such was the power of the surf films at the 6th annual London Surf Film Festival.

With a free goodie bag and beer waiting for you upon your arrival at the charismatic Genesis Cinema in London’s Whitechapel, the night already starts off on the right tone. You’re then treated to a number of stunning surf films watched, as they always should be, in darkness on the big screen. But this is no ordinary film viewing experience. Various clips are met with enthusiastic ‘yews’ from the audience, a deserved round of applause at the closing credits and the opportunity for a Q&A with the filmmakers at the end.


After watching the Gauchos del Mar guys slog it out for two months on basic rations, exposed sleeping conditions and a nasty knee injury in the impressive Peninsula Mitre, they were then asked by an audience member what their next adventure would be. Having just watched their last trip you would think that they would want some respite but these guys are travellers at heart and they reeled off their next journey which sounded just as arduous as their last.

A personal highlight for myself was The Accord, a film which gave an insight into the fickle conditions that Icelandic surfers have to deal when searching for waves – the wind being played by a rather comedic chap with a large ginger beard and a penchant for pints of beer.

A special mention also needs to go out to steak and gravy pies that were on offer to many hungry revellers!


Here’s the dates for the second wekend of the London Surf Film Festival x Reef

• Friday 30th September – Saturday 1 October, Regent Street Cinema, W1

Tickets from £8.50, evening passes from £15 which include a full night of films PLUS a complimentary beer from Sharp’s Brewery as well as some exclusive goodies, delivering more good times for your bucks!

For full schedule details and info on a couple of very special LS/FF pop-up screenings head to: londonsurffilmfestival.com.