Interview by Corinne Evans. Photos by Checkered Photography.

With Courtney Conlogue taking the win once again I was lucky enough to grab an exclusive interview with the lady herself! She has a lot of great things to say and had such a bright and enthusiastic energy around her even after surfing three hard heats in the touch Portuguese conditions! Here’s what Courtney had to say about her win and her title race.

Courtney, how are feeling after taking the win for another year?

I’m feeling pretty tired, 3 heats out there is a lot of work but I am so happy to have retained my title. It was a pretty tricky final out there. I got caught up in some crazy backwash but I was happy to get a couple of scores out there.

Are you staying here for a little while longer or do you plan to head to France straight away?

France is close around the corner but I want to head to Lisbon. I’ve been putting in a lot of time and working really hard out here that I want to take a bit of time off. I’ve been enjoying the area but I haven’t made my trip to Lisbon yet. I’ve travelled around a little been some little beach towns that I haven’t seen before. So I plan to enjoy myself for one day! Then get straight back to it.


How do you feel about the title race with the upcoming Roxy Pro France?

As long as you keep sending positive vibes my way, I’m not going to say I won’t take it and I won’t say I will, let’s just see how it pans out.

How was it competing against Tyler who is very much your rival for the title race?

You know Tyler has been doing great this year and that’s kind how season go, you have highs, you have lows and she’s just so happened to have more highs which is great for her. That what complies a season really, you have all these different locations and we are all just trying to manufacture great results at every event. All these women are in it for the same thing, the one cup!



The title race is still on, with Courtney making it to the final the chance on Tyler taking the title in Portugal is over but even though she didn’t win this event she still surfed hard and proved why she is Number One in the rankings at the moment. I was lucky enough to speak to the ever honest and humble Tyler Wright, I didn’t keep her too long and kept it short and sweet so she could go rest up and have some food!

Tyler, how are you feeling after that heat?

I’m a little bit tired and could do with some food but I am pretty happy all in all!


You’ve had a great year and making 5 finals out of 8 events so far, what must be a pretty great feeling?

Yeah it’s been a great year and something that me and my coach have worked hard on all year to get it to that point so I am very happy all the hard work is paying off.

How are you feeling about the tour going into France?

Honestly, I can get past the drive home and stopping at McDonalds, I could really go for some fries right now! No but looking at France, I am going to just think about France when I get to France, I will just deal with it when I am in the water. Surfing my heat.  I knew I didn’t want to win the title because of someone else loosing so it’s quite exciting to go into France with the fight still on.

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