Here’s to summer surfs, light evenings, longer rides and bigger smiles.

Sun kissed, salty and beauty waved hair is our favourite summer style to rock. Pack away the straighteners, we’re going natural.

The summer sunshine makes us glow from inside out, our sun drenched skin means we can ditch the make up and let our natural summer skin shine.

The summer days give us so much to smile about, we don’t believe in bad days in summer. Frowns and suntanned faces just don’t go together, just smiles and laughter allowed.
You can never have too many bikinis or swimsuits and in summer is all about rocking the swimwear. Leave you body hang ups at home and embrace your bikini body, whatever size or shape you are you are beautiful and summer should be the time you celebrate that!
Check out our SurfGirl Swimwear Guide for summer it’s stacked with cool bikinis, one piece swimwear and sea leggings.
Move over hot chocolate we’re taking our tea ices and our coffees frappe.
Turn up the tunes, it’s time to dance around your garden listening to your favourite jams! Cancel your Netflix and let music take you through summer.
Long lazy summer nights, filled with cocktails, fire pits and late night chats with friends. Make every hour of summer count!
Life really does get better in summer, so don’t waste your days, enjoy every moment and soak in the summer vibes!