Words by Corinne Evans

Justine Dupont has made a great impact on the big wave surf scene and is currently flying the flag for France on the World Surf League Women’s Longboard Tour. The Billabong rider not only rips on a longboard, she charges on her shortboard too! Miss Dupont is a true woman of the water and we love watching her surf, here’s why;

Image courtesy Billabong

• Charges BIG waves!

Justine is one brave surf girl and charges some pretty crazy waves. In 2013 she surfed some of the biggest waves in the world when she took off on a 15-meter wave at the famous Belharra in France. She also paid a visit to Ireland to catch some pretty impressive waves at Mullagmore giving the guys a run for their money and stamping her mark on the big wave scene.

Images above courtesy Billabong

• Justine is the current French National Champion both shortboard and longboard.

Justine rips on all boards and is the current French National Champion of both divisions. Whatever board she has under her feet, Justine will surf it with grace and power. Unstoppable!
Justine_Dupont_Justine Dupont (FRA) Pro A Coruna long Women 16
WSL: Justine Dupont (FRA) Pro A Coruna Longboard Women 16

•  A great role model for the sport

Justine has got a great outlook, she loves surfing and enjoys every aspect of it. Her positive, yet focused attitude makes her a great role model for the younger generation of surfer girls. Justine has achieved so much in her career already and she’s only 27. Who knows what the future holds for this French champion?

WSL. delpero's : dupont Pro A Coruna long Men 16

Image WSL: Dupon Pro A Coruna 

You can catch Justine in action at next month’s Boardmasters festival. Miss Dupont will be competing in both the Women’s Shortboard and Longboard Qualifying series. Will Justine take the trophy back to France with her? We can’t wait to see what happens.


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