Julia, what do you love about surfing?

What’s not to love!; it’s a fabulous all over body workout, it’s fun and its the perfect way to zone out from life’s stresses.

Where’s your favourite surf break?  

I’m still learning, and I’m definitely a summer surfer so I try to surf where it’s not too busy which means staying away from Fistral, particularly as I don’t want to wipe anyone out with my lack of ability to steer… Yes this happened on more than one occasion!

I’ve just bought myself a single fin 10ft long board so I can now surf on the south coast of  Cornwall where I live and where the waves are much smaller. I wish I’d tried longboarding years ago, it’s so much fun and so easy to ride. My dream is to be able to surf without a wetsuit, in a warm ocean, somewhere like Fiji…


Where’s your dream travel destination?

After photography, travelling is my biggest passion. I try to travel to a new country every winter; I recently spent a month travelling around South Africa which was amazing. I surfed at Muzenburg near CapeTown , but the water was really chilly, it was like being back in Cornwall! I surfed at J.Bay and saw loads of dolphins which was awesome, although worrying too, especially after what happened to Mick Fanning!  I have so many dream destinations, I’m heading over to Sri Lanka and Burma this winter which I’m really looking forward to.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

I couldn’t possibly answer this question with just one answer! 

As a photographer, I’m a very visual person. I always see things through a photographers perspective if that makes sense, I love to photo document when I travel. Travelling to a new country always enthrals me; new cultures, colours and the spectacular beauty of nature. I visited Victoria Falls earlier this year, and I was just ‘wow’.  I’ve made some wonderful friends through travelling too and of course travelling broadens the mind! But I guess the best thing about travelling, is that it’s made me more chilled, less materialistic and more confident.


If you were left stranded on a desert island, which three things could you not live without?

If it was an island with some surf, my longboard obviously, a big box of books, and a solar powered radio.

What do you love about living by the sea?

I’m incredibly lucky to have lived so close to the sea for many years. I love that my children have had access to it all of their lives. I’ve told them how lucky they are to have grown up with the beach and the sea as their playground. I love that I don’t have to cart our surfboards far, and of course we have an incredible view.